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2 Bedroom Apartments | Athens, Ohio vs. Athens, Greece

When we say we offer the best option for Athens, Ohio rentals, we mean here in Ohio and around the world.

Here in Athens, Ohio, University Rentals offers a wide range of two-bedroom apartments all across the city. Our units range in price from $400 or less per person to $675 per person. We offer a wide variety of amenities and great locations that are close to school, work, restaurants and parks.

In Athens, Greece, the rents are usually much more expensive. In addition, the apartments there are a very long walk from the Ohio University campus. In its favor, Athens, Greece does offer ancient history, old buildings and idyllic settings. To live there though, you are going to pay a lot in your Athens rent. That’s why you never see images of famous Athenians such as Socrates or Plato wearing shoes or any expensive clothes. The rent is just too high!

Athens, Ohio has practically everything that Athens, Greece does!

In Athens, Ohio, you can pay your rent, take a class about Socrates and then eat Greek Yogurt for lunch. As a bonus, it’s all much less expensive. You can even to top it off by watching movies such as “300” or “Mamma Mia.” Or maybe you can check out the Spartans at the local high school basketball game.

You can really have the benefit of both cities of Athens here in one fabulous small town with amazing apartments, Plus, you don’t have to fight traffic and there is no confusion about which side of the road to drive on. And here in Athens, Ohio you even have the benefit of living near Court Street.

One other bonus about the Athens Ohio rentals is the affordability. With the money you are saving in rent, you can travel to Athens, Greece, or any other Athens that interests you. And best of all, you can then come home to Athens, Ohio, after your trip!

We should add that there are many other places named Athens in the United States and around the world. Athens, Georgia is one of the more well-known Athens in the U.S., but most states seem to have one. In some places such as Illinois, they even pronounce the name differently. In Illinois, it is Ae-thens.

Despite all of the Athens around the world, though, there is no place like Athens, Ohio. The city has a charm all its own. It’s no wonder that people travel from around the world just to visit and live in our Athens.

University Rentals is proud to have the best rental properties in any Athens anywhere.

So when you want to rent an apartment, Athens, Ohio is the place to be. And when you want to rent an apartment in Athens, Ohio, University Rentals has the best options for you. We hope you will talk with our staff members today about your next home with University Rentals.

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