Athens Halloween Party
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A few tips for the Athens Halloween Party

It’s almost time for the annual Athens Halloween Party. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the big event.


Watch who is in your apartment – This is true wherever you live. It is especially true if you have one of the Court Street apartments Athens Ohio is famous for. The city of Athens is packed on Halloween Weekend, especially in the Uptown area. People come from all across the state and the region for the weekend. Be sure to keep track of who is in your cool Athens Ohio rentals and what they are doing.

Don’t break any laws – While Athens if packed with visitors, it is also full of law enforcement officers who come to help out. You should follow the laws every day, but be especially careful on the Athens Halloween Party Weekend.

Stay in groups – If you go to the street party or other festivities, stay with a group of people. Don’t go off on your own. Also, watch out for your friends who might wander off. You will have more fun with a group of people, and you’ll stay safer, too.

Original costumes are always the best

Be original in your own costumes – Almost any costume is good, but homemade costumes are the best. Try to come up with an original idea and you’ll have a lot more fun.

Spend some time watching the street party – Be sure to watch the crowd for a while. This is especially true If you have an Athens Ohio rental with a view of Court Street. It is amazing to see all of the costumes, and it’s entertaining to watch the crowd during the evening.

Be prepared for the weather – Check if it is going to be hot, cold or rainy when you are getting ready for the weekend. If you can make your costume weather appropriate, it can make a big difference.

Moderation is the key – This is true every weekend, but it’s especially true for Athens Halloween Party weekend. If you are going to be out celebrating, be sure to pace yourself and to be careful. You want to have fun, but you need to stay safe and healthy, too.

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