Renting Athens Ohio Apartments

Furnishing & Renting Athens Ohio Apartments:

Once you have your Athens Ohio apartment, you need to decide how you want to furnish it. Chances are you have a few pieces of furniture, but you likely need more items to turn your Athens, Ohio rental unit into a home. Here are a few options for finding the perfect items you need for your new place.

new to you athensSecond hand stores – Athens is fortunate to have several excellent second hand stores that sell furniture, dishes, silverware, trash cans, pianos (occasionally), clothes, computer monitors, old movies and just about anything you might need.  New To You is one excellent second-hand store in Athens, but the city has several more to choose from

Discount stores – The city also has plenty of discount stores such as Family Dollar where you can find a surprising number of items at very low prices. You never know what you’ll find in the discount stores, but you do now that the prices will always be low.

Furniture stores – If you are looking for brand new items for your apartment, Athens and the surrounding region also have several furniture stores where you can find a wide selection of products. If you’re lucky, one of the sofa and or mattress stores will even be having a sale!

Superstores – Athens has one well-known superstore and a few smaller stores that also sell items for your housing. You can pick up your groceries, birdseed, transmission fluid, Christmas decorations, toys and everything else, too!

Yard sales – When you first move in to your apartment, you should visit a neighborhood yard sale or two. You never know what you’ll find! And you often don’t know that you need something until you see it.

Rental Options in Athens, Ohio U:

There are a lot of options here in town for fixing up Athens Ohio apartments. We hope you will take advantage of the numerous opportunities available for you.

scene in winterStill can’t find what you want? The cities of Parkersburg and Lancaster are both less than an hour away. You can also drive to Columbus, Cincinnati and other nearby cities in a reasonable amount of time.

Finally, the internet also brings a whole world of shopping to your apartment with the click of a mouse. And you will likely find furnishing items you didn’t even know existed.

The great thing about having your own place is that you can decorate it as you like, and then you can keep moving your furniture around and trying out new items until you get your home just right.

University Rentals offers the finest selection of rental units at affordable prices in the Athens area and our units come in all different shapes and sizes.

We enjoy seeing how our creative tenants set up their apartments and rental homes, and we are looking forward to seeing how you will now furnish and decorate your new home with your own personal style.

Contact the professionals at University Rentals for any help you may need!

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