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Athens Ohio, Ohio University, Shut Down Due to Virus

Corona Virus (Covid 19) has shut down Athens Ohio, Ohio University, the State of Ohio, the country of the United States, and for that matter, the world. As we all hunker down and “stay at home” we find ways to work together to keep our loved ones safe and keep our community functioning.

Life in Athens borders on the truly bizarre and surreal, but that’s the case world wide. Shops are closed, and the typical waves of Ohio University students coming out of their winter haze and enjoying Spring weather are but a memory. No students, no Fests, no Finals, no Commencement, Athens feels sad as this virus shakes our community, all communities, to its core.

Several bright spots indeed shine through, Health Care and Medical Care Professionals wage herculean daily battles, our restaurants and grocery stores are fully functional, and the heroes that staff them still take the time to say “Hello” and keep the shelves fully stocked. Most other businesses however, ones deemed “non essential” have shuddered and what is to become of our local economy is anyone’s guess.

There are multiple resources available for people finding themselves in need during this time, including unemployment compensation, rent and mortgage relief, interest free small business loans, and many other resources, which should help to ease the burden of some as they navigate these difficult times. Our local Chamber of Commerce also has some resources with more coming in every day.

We, however, at University Rentals remain fully committed to our tenants and our clients and our community, and are working hard to make sure everyone’s questions regarding their rentals and deposits and leases and the like are dealt with quickly. We invite you to contact us if you have questions or concerns, and we hope your and yours remain safe and healthy and we will get through this, together.

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