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Make Your Rental’s Yard in Athens, Ohio the Best in the Neighborhood

It can be a lot of fun to live in an Athens, Ohio rental with a yard.

Here are a few ideas for fun activities in the yard of your rental unit:

Cornhole – Everyone loves cornhole, and your new Athens Ohio rental with a yard will be a perfect place to play. No matter the size of your yard, you have enough room for the game that anyone can participate in.  You can follow the official rules of the American Cornhole Association or you can follow your own house rules.

Kiddie Pool – You will be surprised at how much you and your friends will enjoy hanging out at a kiddie pool. On a hot day in Athens, you can cool your feet or lie down in the pool and relax.

Kick Back With Your Pals on Your Awesome Lawn

Picnic – Who needs a park when you have your own lawn? You can sit outside in the grass, chase away ants and enjoy a nice meal outside.

Relax with friends – Sitting in your lawn with friends is a great way to spend a comfortable afternoon. Or maybe you want to enjoy a cool evening in your lawn.

Relaxing is Imperative in your Athens, Ohio Rental!

Relax with a cold beverage, cook outside, maybe play some music and just enjoy the day.

Relax by yourself – You can read a book, listen to music, or even get a tan out in your own lawn.

Dig for worms – Instead of chasing away ants, you can choose to find earthworms. Worms are fun to dig up for fishing or just to see if you can find them.

Make the whistle sound with blades of grass – Have you seen people who can do this? How do they do it? Now you can figure it out with the grass from your own yard.

Snowmen – The cool Athens Ohio rentals also have fun lawns in the winter.  In your lawn you can build snowmen or you can make snow angels. The lawns are also great places for snowball fights.

Flowers – And when the weather warms up again, you can plant some flowers in your lawn. Or you can put flower pots out in your yard. Either way, the plants can liven up your yard, and they can be fun to take care of.

Whiffle ball – If you have enough room, games like whiffle ball are always fun in the yard. For a smaller space, hacky sack and similar activities are also entertaining.

To learn more about the best rental options with yards in Athens, check the property listings on our website. You can also contact our staff members today to learn more about the rental options we have available for you.

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