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Unique and Historic Buildings of Athens Ohio

Athens is filled with unique and historic buildings

Athens is a wonderful place to live.

The city is filled with a large number of cool Athens Ohio rentals to choose from. In addition, many of the shops and businesses are set in historic and unique buildings. Many of those businesses also have Athens Ohio apartments located above or next to them.

The city is filled with scenic hillsides, historic homes and an easygoing charm. It’s a great place to work, study and enjoy life. You can also easily find an Athens Ohio rental with a view, as the scenery is splendid.

Here are just a few of the unique buildings and houses in Athens.

Cutler Hall – Located on the Ohio University campus, Cutler Hall was built in 1816. The building has served a variety of purposes over the years, including as a residence hall. Today, it houses the Office of the President, as well as other university leaders.

Castle made out of shipping containers – Yes, you read that correctly. Located in The Plains (just outside of Athens), this building is a sight to see. The owner took old shipping containers and arranged them to look like a castle.


Be sure to check out the arts center located in a historic barn


The Dairy Barn – This cultural arts center is located inside an old dairy barn and is amazing.

The Armory – Located in scenic Uptown Athens, the Armory was built in 1917. The building was a home base for the National Guard. It also served as a community space for events such as fundraisers and sorority dances. The city of Athens now owns the building and is making plans for how best to use the facility.

Zenner House – Built by one of the wealthiest families in Athens, the Zenner House is a beautiful and prestigious building. Today, the house is used for special events and has a website dedicated to it at www.zennerhouse.com. The image for this blog post is of the Zenner House.

Eclipse Company Town – Located just outside of Athens and just outside of The Plains, you won’t want to miss seeing Eclipse. This scenic spot is filled with old coal company homes that have been turned into businesses and rentals.

These are just a few of the unique buildings you will find in and around Athens.

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