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Athens Rent: Top 5 Factors

We take a moment to explore the intricacies of Athens Rent in regards to apartments, and the top 5 things that can impact your search for the perfect place to live. 

1. Location – Just as in any market, the location of your rental unit in Athens will play a significant role in your rent. If you want to live close to campus, you need to expect that the rental fee will be a little higher than the rental units further away from campus. Similarly, many of the uptown Athens apartments are likely to have a higher rent due to their prime locations and the cost of properties in the Court Street area. And if you live in the countryside or a neighboring village, you can expect that you can likely find a rent that is cheaper than the Athens rent.

2. Condition – Along with the location, you need to expect that the condition of your rental is going to play a huge role in your Athens rent. A new unit or recently renovated unit is more likely going to cost more than an older unit that is in need of a few repairs. And if that rental unit is in a prime location, you should expect that the rent will be a little higher.

3. The type of your rental unit – You also need to look at if you are living in a large apartment complex, if you are renting a house, a duplex, a mobile home or another type of a unit.

4. Bedrooms – In many cases, you will pay more per person for a one-bedroom unit than for a two-bedroom unit or higher.

5. Extra amenities – Factors such as swimming pools, bus systems, dish washers, laundry facilities, air conditioning and decks can all affect the rent.

Other factors go into the rent, too, such as if you are paying utilities or not. For more information on rental prices on the finest properties in Athens, contact our friendly staff members at University Rentals today.

For more information on the wide range of factors that go into setting the Athens rent prices for each rental unit, we hope you will talk with one of the friendly staff members at University Rentals today. You are also invited to scroll through the numerous housing options that are shown on our website, which can help you to gain a better understanding of rental fees for each type of unit.

University Rentals offers the finest selection of quality rentals in the Athens area, and we hope you will consider one of our rental houses or apartments for your next home.

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