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How has Covid impacted the Athens Ohio Rental Housing Market?

COVID-19 has changed nearly everything in the last year. How we go about our lives, how we work and how we go to school have all been impacted. It has even affected Athens Ohio Rental Housing in various ways.

When Ohio University first sent students home in the spring of 2020 due to COVID-19, the residence halls emptied. And some students living in apartments and houses for rent went home, too. Many students living in off-campus rental properties stayed in Athens last spring, though, and into the summer.

During those early months, the student rental neighborhoods were quieter. In fact, the whole city of Athens was quieter. Many of the businesses cut back on hours or closed due to the pandemic. And many people spent most of their times in their homes or their yards.

In the fall, Ohio University kept many of its residence halls closed. The university limited the number of students who could live on campus. University officials also set up some residence halls as quarantine and isolation spaces. The living situation on campus was relatively quiet.
In the Rental Housing Market though, the properties were mostly full. Even if they were taking classes online, many students chose to return to live in their apartments.

As the school year continued, the university offered more in-person activities, and invited more students to the residence halls. The campus stayed relatively quiet, but the student housing became more and more full. Many students wanted to live in their uptown apartments and apartments across the city during the pandemic.

Covid’s Impact on Athens Rentals; What to Look for this Fall

Ohio University recently announced that it would invite all students back for the fall semester. The university will also continue to increase its in-person activities this summer and fall.

The university will be holding more in-person classes and there will be more special events on campus. You can expect next fall to be very active at Ohio University.

You can also expect the housing market to be very busy. Enrollment is likely to increase as we move past the pandemic. This means that more students will be living in Athens and the demand for off-campus housing will increase.

In addition, with the economy opening back up in Ohio, more people will be getting jobs in the region. This will likely also increase the demand for housing.

If you have not yet found your home for the 2021-2022 school year, you should begin looking soon. Rental units are filling up quickly due to the strong demand.

For the best rentals in Athens, contact our friendly University Rentals staff members today.

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