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Should I Rent an Apartment or a House?

When you are looking for your new home, you have to decide if you want a house or apartment. Be sure to consider the different advantages of apartments, or a house for rent in Athens Ohio. Here are a few to look at when making your choice.

Advantages of renting an Apartment in Athens Ohio:

Single apartment or roommates – You can choose to rent an apartment for one person, or for multiple people. Apartments come in all sizes and you have a great number of options to choose from.

Wide range of locations – We offer apartments in locations all across Athens. Many locations are close to campus.

Live in Uptown Athens – Many people want to rent Uptown Athens Ohio apartments. They like the convenience of living on Court Street. You are close to businesses, close to campus and close to Athens nightlife. You can walk anywhere you need to be and you can rent a wonderful home.

Be part of a community – In an apartment, you will be close to neighbors and it will be easy to make friends.

Save on your bills – Apartment living can be less expensive in many ways including the cost of utilities.

Advantages of renting a House in Athens Ohio

You have all your own space – You don’t have to worry about neighbors above, below or beside you. It is your house to live in and you can enjoy your own space.

Houses have a lot of character – We offer a great variety of houses to choose from and they all offer a different living experience. Be sure to look over the different houses to see what fits your needs.

Porches and/or yards – Many people want porches or yards for relaxing or entertaining. It is a fun part of having a house. Enjoy the beautiful weather in your yard or porch, and enjoy your time in Athens.

Plenty of room for housemates – If you have a group of people you want to live with, you can find the perfect house.

Enjoy being part of a neighborhood – If you live close to campus or in locations all across the city, you will be part of a neighborhood. You can enjoy meeting your neighbors and make friends easily on your block.

Locations all across the city – You can live in houses in a wide range of locations. From your home, you can walk to businesses, restaurants and to campus.

Affordability – University Rentals offers houses for rent in Athens to meet your budget.

For more information on houses for rent in Athens Ohio, check our property listings today.

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