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Landscaping Tips for your College Rental

If you live in a rental with a yard, you may enjoy fixing up your green space. It doesn’t matter how large your yard is, you can add a few personal touches to it.

University Rentals will handle the major landscaping projects, but here are a few ideas for smaller projects outside your home.

Planting Flowers – Planting flowers is simple, but it can make a big difference. It’s fun to do the planting and then watch your flowers pop up. The flowers will also add some extra color and fun to your yard.

Potted Plants – You can also buy potted plants and put them outside your home. With potted plants, you will know exactly what you are getting. And the potted flowers are often very easy to take care of.

Whether you are planting flowers or buying potted plants, be sure to consider where the plants will be growing. Think about how much sun they will receive in different locations in your yard. Be sure to consider what else is near the plants, too.

Local businesses such as Greenleaf Landscapes have a wide variety of options. They can also give you tips on plants that will thrive at your Athens Ohio rental.

Lights, chairs and other fun ideas for your yard

Lawn Furniture – A few lawn chairs can make a huge difference in how much you enjoy your green space. They can add to the look and feel of the yard, too. Lawn furniture really isn’t too expensive either.

You can get good deals at resale shops in Athens such as the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. You can also visit chain stores such as Lowe’s. Lowe’s also sells a wide range of plants and lawn items.

Bricks – Athens is filled with bricks, and you may want to use some to decorate your yard. They can help to build flower beds. They make nice walkways, and can have a lot of uses in your lawn. You can buy bricks at numerous places in town, too.

Yard Lights – The little yard lights can spruce up your yard. They look great in the evening hours. They also make it easier to walk outside or entertain. They don’t cost much and are simple to put around your home.

Strings of Lights – Many people also like to string lights in their trees or in the bushes. It’s simple and easy, but can add a fun touch to your property.

Trim Trees – You may also want to trim the trees back on your in your yard. It can create more space and change the look of your land.

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