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Ohio Rent vs. New York City Shows a Wide Range of Perks and Benefits

If you compare Ohio rent to New York City rent it’s like comparing Buckeyes and Oranges. In New York City, the average rent is more than $3,000 per month. The average rent in Columbus, Ohio, by comparison, is less than $1,000 per month, and if you are living in Athens, you can find an apartment to rent for much, much less per month.

Basically, Ohio rent and New York City rent are completely different, and they also come with different perks:
For example, your rent in Ohio will get you all of these items that are not often available with the more expensive New York City rent.

ohio rent in athens ohioPlaces to park your car – One of the favorite pastimes of most Athens residents is to complain about parking, but it’s really not too bad here if you compare it to a big city. You will have a place to park your car with your rental, and the traffic is easy to navigate in Athens.

Trees and green grass – We’ve got more trees than you can shake a stick at, and sometimes we have too much green grass. Athens is lucky to be set in the Appalachian foothills, and we are surrounded by outstanding scenery.

A city that does sleep – Everyone needs to sleep sometimes. It’s often better to be in a city that does actually sleep sometimes.

Now, New York City does have an incredible number of entertainment options, job opportunities, professional sports teams and television sitcoms like “Friends,” but you’re going to pay a lot to live there.

While Ohio rent is much more affordable than rent you would pay in many other parts of the country, Ohio property owners still have to factor in a wide range of expenses when they set their rental fees, even in the smaller cities such as Athens.

Those factors include the initial costs of the properties, taxes, maintenance, renovations and improvements, and numerous other business expenses. We strive to keep our rental fees among the most competitive in the market, but we also have to constantly watch and react to the rising expenses of operating a business in the Athens community.

Athens rent will still get you sports teams, educational and career opportunities, and you will have plenty of time to watch television sitcoms in your affordable rental. To find out more about the great deals on rental units in Athens Ohio and the benefits of living here, talk to us at University Rentals.

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