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Ohio University 2021-22 Begins!

The new school year at Ohio University is going to be special.

After the last two academic years were disrupted by the pandemic, the new year should be much more normal. The Athens campus promises to be full of students this fall. Most classes will be held in person. And the calendar will be filled with athletic contests, performances and special events. In addition, uptown Athens apartments, and rentals all across the city will be full of students.

As you get ready for the new school year, here are a few tips to help the year start smoothly:

First, be sure you understand the COVID-19 rules and tips on campus – Ohio University is encouraging all students, faculty and staff to be vaccinated. It is not required. You can learn more about COVID-19 rules and safety tips on campus at this website.

Learn your schedule, meet your neighbors and make a budget

classroom setting (empty)Figure out where your classes will be – It’s a good idea to know how long it will take to get from one building to the next. You likely can walk from your Athens Ohio apartment to your classes. You will need to know, though, how long it will take you to get there. If you are driving, you will need to figure out a plan for parking.

Learn when the trash day is – It sounds simple, but you will want to know what night to put out your trash. Along the same lines, make sure you know when bills are due.

Apply for jobs early – If you will be working, be sure to apply early before the best jobs and shifts are taken. This is true if you are working on campus or off. Employers are hiring in Athens now, so apply as early as you can.

Make a budget – Plan for how much to spend on groceries, bills, entertainment and and other items. If you take some time to think about it, it’s easy to make a realistic budget for the year.

Stick to the budget – This is often the harder part, but it’s worth it.
Meet some of your neighbors – Learn a little about the neighborhood around your Athens Ohio apartment. And introduce yourself to some neighbors early on if possible.

Focus on your classes early – It’s easy to put off the early work when so many other activities are going on. It’s very important, though, to start the semester strong. If you get a good jump on your classes and homework, it will help you throughout the semester.

Start to think about where you might want to live next year – If you are not in your final year of classes, you should consider where you will live next year. It’s a good idea to start looking early, too. You can learn more about the best apartments and houses for rent in Athens Ohio on the University Rentals website.

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Image of college gate by Ohio University. Image of classroom by @kochangbok.

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