Spare Bedroom Ideas in Athens Ohio
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Have Some Fun in that Spare Bedroom (Without a Roommate)

What would you do if you had one of the two bedroom apartments in Athens Ohio all to yourself?

You may be best friends with the person or people you live with, but everyone wants their own space sometimes. Here are a few suggestions for the extra room in one of the two-bedroom apartments in Athens Ohio.

Set up a Fun Space

Study/office – This is boring, but it is practical. Just think about what a better student or employee you could be with your own home office! Or maybe you could finally write that novel you’ve been thinking about!

Trains – It would be sweet to have a whole room just full of train sets, just like this guy. You could control your trains without your stupid brother or sister interfering, too. You could set it up just as you like. Just think how it would impress that special person you are interested in!

Pool room – I don’t know how you are going to get a pool table in there, but it would be cool.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a game room?

Game room – This one is a little more practical and still just as fun. A room set up just for video games, board games and maybe even a pop-a-shot would be awesome.

Juggling – It’s the perfect space where you can finally learn how to juggle! Or maybe you want to work on magic tricks in secret. Perhaps your dream has been to be a mime, but you can’t practice with roommates around. They will embarrass you or make you talk. Now with the extra room, you could learn to be a juggling, magic mime!

Pokemon – A whole room devoted to Pokemon would be the best! Or maybe devote it to the Avengers, Transformers or even My Little Pony, whatever you want.

More space for all of your junk – Let’s be honest, that’s what you would probably do with the space, but it would still be sweet.

The point is, having a spare bedroom in any of the four bedrooms apartments in Athens Ohio, would be fun. Everyone would like to have a little extra space to relax, study or even to store their favorite items.   Also, it’s sometimes nice just to have extra space so that you can enjoy some quiet and solitude

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