The Best things about Fall in Southeast Ohio
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The Best Things About Fall in Southeast Ohio

The Best Things About Fall in Southeast Ohio

The scenic hillsides, the perfect weather, and plenty of special events make fall amazing in southeast Ohio.

If you live in an apartment in Athens Ohio, make sure to get out and enjoy the fall activities. Now, everything is different in 2020, so we won’t have a few of the usual events.

In most years, fall includes Homecoming at Ohio University, the Pawpaw Festival and the Uptown Athens Halloween.

Those events won’t happen as usual this year, and many other events are also
impacted due to COVID-19.

Even so, there are still incredible opportunities for fun this fall. Here are a few of the best things
about fall in Athens:

The Hillsides – Nestled in the scenic foothills of Appalachia, Athens is a beautiful place to live
at any time of year. In the fall, though, the scenery is spectacular. People from all over Ohio and
the neighboring states visit southeast Ohio to enjoy the fall colors. Be sure to drive around the
countryside this fall. You should also visit the Hocking Hills or go to any number of places to
enjoy the beautiful hillsides.

The Ridges – One of the best places to visit in Athens Ohio is The Ridges. The former home of
a state mental hospital, the land is now owned by Ohio University. You can walk by the historic
buildings, hike the trails and enjoy this unique and beautiful place.

Football – Ohio University is not playing football this fall due to COVID-19, but you can still
enjoy the fall sport. Local high schools are playing football, along with other sports. Also,
hometown hero Joe Burrow will begin his NFL career with the Cincinnati Bengals this fall. Fall
will be a time to watch Athens’ favorite quarterback play in the NFL.
Enjoy the bike path this fall

The Bike Path – The Hockhocking Adena Bikeway travels from Athens to The Plains and all the
way to Nelsonville. The bike path is popular throughout the year, but it is especially so in the fall.
It is the perfect time to go for a jog, bike ride or even a leisurely stroll.

Local Parks – Be sure to get out of Athens and visit the state and national parks. Athens is
fortunate to have so many outstanding parks so close to the city. In addition, Sells Park is
located in Athens, along with other several other very nice parks.

Spend Time with Friends – The weather is perfect for sitting outside at your Athens rental,
walking or hanging out with friends. Just sure to be smart and do whatever you can to stop the
spread of COVID-19.

Athens is a great place to live in the fall. For more information on great apartments and homes
for rent in Athens Ohio, contact University Rentals today.

Photo by Andi Chatfield.

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