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The Best Things About Going from a Dorm to Your Own Apartment

While the residence halls have their good points, you will love living in your own apartment.

Here are just a few of the reasons to move into one of the Athens Ohio Rentals.

Choices – When you look into the Ohio University Rentals market, you will see that you have an amazing number of options. Instead of just choosing a simple dorm room, you have a wide range of Athens Rentals options to choose from. University Rentals offers the best selection in Athens.  You can find whatever you are looking for here.

Porches – Having a porch or deck is the best. You can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. You can read, study, socialize or just watch the world go by on your porch.

You’re in charge – You don’t have to worry about dorm rules or people who run the halls and floor sections. You are in charge! You and your roommates decide what to do in your home (as long as you follow your lease).

Your own restroom  – No more community restrooms like in the residence halls. Having your own restroom space makes it feel more like home.

No more dorm rooms that are too hot or too cold!

Setting the temperature – Tired of the residence halls that are too hot in the winter? Too cold in the summer? Now, you and your roommates will control the thermostat! Finally!

Cooking your own food – This is the number one reason for many people. You’ve had enough of eating residence hall food. Now you have a kitchen where you can cook fancy dishes, heat up frozen pizzas or make a simple breakfast.

It’s not so crowded – Instead of sharing a building with hundreds of students, you can rent your own apartment or share one with friends. You will still see plenty of friends, too. You just won’t have to go through crowds of people to get to your front door or the restroom anymore.

It’s your space! – Your own apartment is your home. You set the rules. It’s great to have your own space!

You decide where to put the furniture – Your bed is not set in one place in your home. You desk is not built into the wall. If you want to move your furniture around, you can do that at any time. You get to set up your Athens Ohio rental however you’d like.

You can play your own music – You need to consider your roommates and your neighbors, but it is much different than a dorm. You can play your own music and even learn to play an instrument in your rental.

You control who is in your home – It’s your home. You can control who is there and who is not, unlike the crowded and often noisy dorms.

To find your new apartment, check with University Rentals today. You can look up the listings on our website or talk with our leasing agents today.

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