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Do you want hardwood floors or carpet in your Athens rentals?

Among your choices you’ll have when looking through the many options for Athens rentals, one will include what type of flooring that you would like in your new home.

Some people love hardwood floors. Others enjoy plush carpets. Still others prefer a mix of rugs and hardwood floors. If you are not sure what may be best for you, here are few items to consider.

What do you prefer?

Carpet is softer. This is obvious, but it is something to think about. Do your feet get sore walking around on hardwood floors? Do you like to lie on a carpeted floor and read or watch television? I would like to do that right now, actually.

Wood floors are easier to keep clean. Wood floors are easy to sweep and mop, or even use the amazing Swiffers I learned about while watching television. If you host events where drinks might be spilled, know that they are much easier to clean off of wood flooring. Therefore, if you are having friends over and milk is spilled on your wood floor, there will be no need for crying! But, it’s your party, and you can if you want to.

Carpet is quiet. If you are like me and you enjoy peace and quiet in your home, be aware that a home with carpeted floors is often quieter than a home with wooden floors. This is especially true in homes where people are constantly walking around and dropping items like glasses of milk.

Wood floors may be better for allergies. Carpeted floors are known to trap dust and germs that may cause you problems if you have allergies. You can vacuum and clean the carpets regularly to alleviate this problem, but wood floors are often better for allergies (as long as you are not allergic to wood of course).

Wood floors and carpeted floors both have their own advantages, and we encourage you to take a look at different flooring options we have available in our Athens Rentals. We offer a wide range of carpets in our rental units, and we know you will also be impressed with the wood floor options we feature in our units.

Ready to find out more about Athens Rentals?

For more information on the wide range of outstanding properties with wood floors and/or carpeting, talk to a University Rentals staff member today.

We hope you will take a few moments to look over the listings here on our website, or schedule an appointment to walk through a few of our rental units soon so that you can see the different flooring options for yourself and decide what you would like best for your next home.

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