Three Bedroom Apartment in Athens Ohio

Tips for living with another person in a three bedroom apartment in Athens, Ohio

It’s never easy to rent an apartment with someone, even if that person is your best friend. But if you end up renting a three bedroom house or apartment in Athens, Ohio, you are going to have to learn to get along with your roommate, so here are a few tips.

  • three fingersSet some ground rules early – Sit down with your roommate and make some rules for your Athens, Ohio rental. Talk about important items such as how the bills will be paid, what your plan is for groceries and other items, how you will deal with guests and/or parties, and how the apartment will get cleaned.
  • Communicate – Be sure to talk about how the living arrangement is progressing and discuss problems that come up. Don’t let little issues grow into huge problems just because you don’t want to discuss them.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff – At the same time, you have to remember that everyone has annoying habits, even you, and you just have to learn to live with some of your roommate’s habits, just like he or she is trying to live with yours.
  • Make a calendar An online or print calendar that shows when bills are paid, when the trash goes out, when guests are coming over and other items can be a huge help in making sure your apartment runs smoothly.

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Being a Good Roommate

  • Spend time together – Even if you are not close friends with your roommate, it’s still important to spend time together, even if it is just watching television or eating a pizza.
  • Do your dishes – It really doesn’t take long, and it makes a huge difference if you keep up with your dishes and your share of the cleaning. It’s important to keep doing the simple items like this in order to make your three bedroom apartment in Athens Ohio a relaxed and comfortable place to live.
  • Don’t be too noisy – Just remember to respect your roommates with your music and other noises, and they will likely respect you, too.
  • Don’t leave your socks everywhere – It’s easy to leave them all over the apartment, but it will make life easier if you pick up after yourself and try to keep things fairly tidy. If you take a few steps to do this, chances are that your roommates will do the same, too.
  • Check in on each other every once in a while – Life gets busy and you may not be home much, but try to check in with your roommates every so often to see what is going on in their lives, too.
  • Keep track of your keys – Don’t be like the roommates who keep losing their keys.
  • Buy some candy for the house – Everyone loves candy and a few extra food items will brighten up any three bedroom house.

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