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Rentals Close to OU

When you are looking for Ohio University housing, you will want to find the right location. Many students want to find rentals close to OU because they have several advantages.

In a small town like Athens, most housing is relatively close to campus. Being very close to campus, though, has extra advantages. Here are a few of the many benefits of renting off campus housing close to Ohio University.

Walk to campus quickly – Apartments in Athens Ohio are close enough to campus that you can be on campus in five minutes or less. In some apartments, you can walk across the street and be on campus. You can find Ohio University housing where you can walk to most of your classes in just a few minutes. It is easy. It is affordable. And it can help you keep up with your coursework. Even if you live further away, your walk is still no more than 10 or 15 minutes. Most students living in Athens can walk to campus in 10 minutes or less.

Go back and forth during the day – Living close to campus also allows you to go home between classes. You can stop home for lunch or a nap. You can leave home and get to research laboratories or the library easily.

Apartments are located near all parts of the campus – One great thing about Athens is that the town pretty much surrounds the campus. You can find an apartment fairly close to all of the classrooms and research buildings.

Athens is a walkable city

Athens is very walkable – If you are walking to your classes, you can also walk to plenty of places around Athens. Restaurants, stores, bars, coffee shops and other businesses are an easy walk away. The city library is an easy walk away. Uptown Athens apartments are literally right above restaurants, bars and businesses. You can also get to tennis parks and recreation areas on campus and in the city easily.

Bikes, skateboard and hoverboards – Many students also like to ride bicycles, skateboards and hoverboards to campus or around town. It’s easy to travel on the scenic paths on campus on these devices. It is simple to get around town, too. Athens also has very popular bike path that goes through the city. The scenic path also extends well past the city if you’d like to take a long ride.

Easy to get around no matter the weather – Athens, Ohio does not have harsh winters. We do, though, have some snow and very cold days. On those days, you will appreciate the short walk to campus. You will also appreciate not having to scrape the frost off of car windows or drive in the snow. A short walk is key in the winter.

Ohio University and Athens are both very scenic – You will enjoy the walks to the historic and beautiful College Green. You will also enjoy walks around Athens.

For more information on the best apartments and house for rent close to OU, talk to our leasing agents today.

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