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Rentals Close to OU

When you are looking for Ohio University housing, you will want to find the right location. Many students want to find rentals close to OU because they have several advantages.

In a small town like Athens, most housing is relatively close to campus. Being very close to campus, though, has extra advantages.

Here are a few of the many benefits of renting off campus housing close to Ohio University.

No commute: You’ll save time and money walking from your OU apartment. No more scrambling for parking or fighting traffic!

Easy access to facilities: Libraries, study rooms, gyms, and dining halls are just a stroll away. Need a quick nap between classes? Head back to your room and be refreshed in minutes.

Flexibility: Forgot something? Run back to your room to grab it without stressing about missing class.

Reduced distractions: Less travel time means more time to focus on your studies. You’re more likely to attend early morning or late-night classes when they’re just steps away.

Easier to form study groups: Meeting up with classmates is a breeze when you’re all living in the same area.

More access to academic resources: Librarians, professors, and tutors are just a walk away, making it easier to get help when you need it.

Stronger sense of community: OU housing immerses you in the college experience. You’ll interact with peers and build relationships easily.

More opportunities to get involved: Campus events, clubs, and activities are readily accessible, encouraging you to explore new interests and meet new people.

Spontaneous socializing: Bumping into friends in the dining hall or library leads to impromptu hangouts and deeper connections.

Increased physical activity: Walking to class from one of our apartments near OU gets you moving and contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

Reduced stress: Less commuting means less hassle and more time for relaxation and self-care.

Improved sleep: No late-night drives or early morning commutes means more consistent sleep patterns.

Safety and security: Many campuses have dedicated security measures and well-lit paths, offering peace of mind.

Environmentally friendly: Walking contributes to a smaller carbon footprint, reducing your environmental impact.

Cost-effective: In some cases, on-campus housing can be more affordable than renting off-campus, especially when you factor in transportation costs.

bike path in the plains ohio

The Bike Path near the Plains Ohio

Athens is a walkable city

Athens is very walkable – If you are walking to your classes, you can also walk to plenty of places around Athens. Restaurants, stores, bars, coffee shops and other businesses are an easy walk away. The city library is an easy walk away. Uptown Athens apartments are literally right above restaurants, bars and businesses. You can also get to tennis parks and recreation areas on campus and in the city easily.

Bikes, skateboard and hoverboards – Many students also like to ride bicycles, skateboards and hoverboards to campus or around town. It’s easy to travel on the scenic paths on campus on these devices. It is simple to get around town, too. Athens also has very popular bike path that goes through the city. The scenic path also extends well past the city if you’d like to take a long ride.

Easy to get around no matter the weather – Athens, Ohio does not have harsh winters. We do, though, have some snow and very cold days. On those days, you will appreciate the short walk to campus. You will also appreciate not having to scrape the frost off of car windows or drive in the snow. A short walk is key in the winter.

Ohio University and Athens are both very scenic – You will enjoy the walks to the historic and beautiful College Green. You will also enjoy walks around Athens.

OU Apartments Are Available

University Rentals has countless options for housing close to Ohio University. The further out you are looking to rent, the more options we have available as we rent by the school year and students often sign leases well ahead of taking occupancy. We encourage you to reach out soon to secure your OU housing from University Rentals.

For more information on the best apartments and house for rent close to OU, talk to our leasing agents today.

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