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How does Athens Rent compare to Ohio Rent in General?

Athens Ohio is a great place to live, especially when you compare the Athens Rent to the Ohio Rent. Here in Athens, we are fortunate to have a wide range of rental options all across the city. Renters can choose from apartment buildings, duplexes and homes. Best of all, they have tremendous choices at reasonable prices.

When you compare the Athens Rent to the Ohio Rent you’ll be amazed at the value in Athens.

In Columbus, for example, the average rental price is $1,084. The average price for a two-bedroom unit is $1,146, according to this national database.

The average rent in Cleveland, by comparison, is $1,106. That is a 4 percent increase over the average rent there in 2018, according to this national database. In Cincinnati, the average rent is $1,107, according to the same database.

The Athens Rent is much lower and you can even find units for less than $500 on our website. University Rentals offers units at prices that provide a much better value than the Ohio Rent across the state.

Athens Rentals Include Extra Benefits

Need an apartment for rent in Athens Ohio? Your Athens Rent also brings several amenities that you can’t get in other cities without paying extra. With University Rentals, you can easily find units that are within walking distance to work, school, stores and parks. Ohio rental units across the state often are not within walking distance of any of those items.

Your Athens Ohio apartments also allow you to live in one of the most scenic locations in the state. For a great view of scenic Athens Ohio, check out this amazing video.

Your Athens rental also allow you to live near the fun, social activities in Uptown Athens. Your cool Athens apartment is also located near your friends, which makes it easy to have people over.

Columbus rentals, Cincinnati rentals, Cleveland rentals and others across Ohio generally don’t offer all of these amenities in one location. And when you consider the lower prices, you can see why Athens Ohio is such a great place to live.

For more information on the best rentals in Athens Ohio, and to calculate your rent, contact our leasing agents today.

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