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Ohio University Housing: My first rental in Athens

The city of Athens is filled with thousands of stories about Ohio University housing options. This is one of those stories.

It was only three decades ago or so that I rented my first house in Athens with three of my best friends from college. The whole place slanted, we didn’t have enough space, the building had a mysterious room added onto the back of it, and it was a rather drab looking old house. At the same time, though, it was an awesome place to live. I loved that house and everything it represented for my friends and me.

It was a great place to play chair volleyball in the living room, throw parties on the porch, watch television, hang out, do nothing and occasionally even study.

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It was safe, it was comfortable, it fit our budgets and it was in a great location for us. It may not have had all of the amenities we originally looked for in an apartment, but it was a livable and fun house, and it gave us freedom and responsibility that we were looking for.

Ohio U LogoLooking back at that rental unit now after a few years, I only think about it with fond memories. I enjoyed the times my friends and I spent together watching movies or sports, gathering with other friends and even studying in our old house. It was a wonderful place to sit on the porch and watch the world go by, or even to throw a football in the small backyard, while we tried to avoid the spooky back extra room.

It wasn’t the newest or nicest Ohio University housing option available to us, but it is honestly one of the favorite places I have ever lived.

The lesson for you today is that while you are looking at your Ohio University housing options, you should realize that even if your place is not a palace or your perfect rental, it will be yours and you can fix it up as you like. You should only rent a place that you like and feel comfortable with, and we are confident that you will find that we have plenty of rental units that fit your needs and your budget.

We are here to provide you a safe, comfortable rental unit, and now it’s up to you to create your own memories in your new home.

We hope you will contact us today about checking out some of our rental options so that you can create your own rental story soon.

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