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Housing Options for Ohio University Students

Ohio University students have several options for housing, and it can be confusing at times. To help you better understand Ohio University Housing here is a brief explanation.

First year students must live on campus, unless you meet one of these exemptions:

Most first year students have to live on campus The good news for students is that Ohio University offers a wide range of residence halls. Some are only a few years old, while others have been around for decades. Some are practically on the College Green, while one is also a sports facility (the Convocation Center).

Along with living on campus, first-year students also must purchase a meal plan.

10 Hocking Street Athens

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First year students are not required to live on campus if they meet these exemptions:

Commuter students – If you live in the Athens area, you can receive a commuter exemption to live at home.

Veterans – Veterans who have served a certain amount of active duty may live in Off Campus Housing.

Part time students – If you take 11 credit hours or less per semester, you are not required to live on campus.

Married or single parents – If you are married or are a single parent, you can live off campus.

This Ohio University webpage offers additional information on the exemptions.

Second year students follow the same rules, except for students in fraternities or sororities

Sophomores are allowed to live in Off Campus Housing if that housing is a fraternity or sorority house. Otherwise, they follow the same rules as freshmen.

12-14 N. Court Street Athens

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All other students can choose to live on or off campus – Upper class and graduate students can choose to stay in Ohio University Housing if they’d like. Most, however, move to apartments or houses for rent in Athens Ohio.

Benefits for living on or off campus

On campus – You live close to classes, you don’t have to cook and the university supplies your furniture.

Off campus –The cost savings can be very significant. You can pay as low as $450 per month for a quality rental. By comparison, students often pay $5,000 or more per semester to live on campus. You will also save on food expenses by not having to purchase a meal plan. You can buy a meal plan and eat on campus if you choose.

Most students also like the independence of living in their own apartment. They also like the ability to have their cars parked nearby. And many students love having porches, decks and yards. Most Athens Ohio student rentals are also an easy walk to campus.

Finally, you have a wide range of options for Off Campus Housing in Athens Ohio. You can live in large and small units all across the city for a variety of prices.

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