Recap of life in Athens in 2020, here's to 2021!
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Recap of life in Athens in 2020, here’s to 2021!

A recap of life in Athens in 2020

Now that 2020 is mercifully coming to a close, let’s take a look back at Athens in this historic year.

The year started off like any other in our scenic college town. Ohio University was in session and the apartments in Athens Ohio were filled with students and townspeople. Uptown Athens businesses were routinely filled with customers, and many businesses in and around the city were thriving.

The Ohio University football team won a bowl game in Idaho and the basketball teams were playing well. Favorite son Joe Burrow even won a championship at LSU. Most residents of the apartments or houses for rent in Athens Ohio were enjoying the good life.

The COVID-19 pandemic became a reality here when the OHIO men’s basketball team had its MAC tournament game cancelled. It was cancelled, in fact, while the Bobcats were on the floor warming up.

Ohio University was on spring break when the pandemic came to the state. The university then extended spring break by a second week.

Soon after, the university sent most people home to study or work online for the rest of the semester.

The state also took action, closing bars, restaurants, gyms and other businesses.

Many of the students remained in their Uptown Athens apartments and in the rentals across the city. Athens, though, suddenly was very quiet. Court Street businesses were dark. Traffic on East State Street was minimal. Life was drastically different.

Ohio University postponed its commencement, the local schools held drive-by graduations and people tried to stay safe.

The shutdown continued into the summer and then into the fall. Ohio University did not fully reopen, and many businesses remained closed.

Athens had plenty of positive moments in 2020

In the face of the pandemic, though, Athens still had plenty of positive moments.

New businesses opened, including the new Menards on East State Street.

The city also made several noticeable improvements, including the new Richland Avenue Passageway. It makes that area much safer, and the lights look great in the evening.

And Joe Burrow went No. 1 in the NFL draft to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Most importantly, life kept going in the midst of a pandemic. We are lucky to have so many parks located near the homes and apartments for rent in Athens Ohio. It was easy to enjoy the outdoors.

More people went for walks in the comfortable Athens neighborhoods. More people went for hikes in the parks. And more people spent time visiting safely in their yards with friends and neighbors.

We didn’t have the special events we love and take for granted in Athens. At the same time, we learned to better appreciate time spent with family and friends. We also learned just how much we love living in Athens Ohio.

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Photo Kindly by Photo by Jude Beck.

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