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Allergies in Southeast Ohio

If you live in Athens, you will have to be prepared to deal with pollen. Here are a few things to know.

Pollen is a small, powdery substance found in the flowers of trees, grasses and weeds. It helps lead to fertilization of the plants. It can be spread by insects or by the wind.

Many people develop symptoms to pollen. The symptoms include hay fever (runny noes and watery eyes) and asthma.

Be aware that we have tree, grass and some weed pollen in Athens and Southeast Ohio. The pollen counts can be high at different times of year, due to different types of pollen. Pollen counts are often high in the early spring and summer.

You can monitor pollen counts at helpful websites such as Weather Underground and The Weather Channel. Those websites, and others like them, can let you know the pollen forecast for each week.

A Few Tips for Dealing With Pollen

Keep your windows closed in your car and your apartment when the pollen count is high. This will help to keep pollen out of your home and car.

  • Set your air conditioners to recirculate in your vehicle and home. This will help to avoid drawing in pollen-rich air.
  • Pollen counts are often highest in the morning hours. If you can limit your outside exposure in the morning, it may help you.
  • Days that are especially warm and dry will often have high pollen counts. Days that are dry and windy also often have high pollen counts. Try to limit your outside activities on these days.
  • The best times for outdoor activities are often after a heavy rainfall.
  • Avoid drying your clothes and towels outside when the pollen count is high.
  • When you come in from outside, be sure to wash your hands and face to remove the pollen. If you have been exposed to a lot of pollen, you may also want to change your clothes.
  • Be sure to bathe and wash your hair regularly to remove the pollen.
  • You may want to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from pollen.
  • Minimize your contact with people or pets who have been outside and in contact with a lot of pollen.
  • Be sure to talk to your doctor about the pollen and your allergies.
  • Most of all, be smart. You live in a scenic and wonderful area. When you spend time outside, make some precautions.

We want you to enjoy your Athens, and to be safe and happy while living here. You can read more about pollen at this website.

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