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Can I rent an apartment with bad credit or bankruptcy?

Let’s face it, nearly everyone runs into financial problems at some point. No matter your credit score, though, you need to have a place to live. But what should you do to rent an apartment if you have bad credit? What about if you have declared bankruptcy? Even if you can afford to pay an Ohio Rent, will it be hard to find an apartment?

Here are a few tips for when you are looking for an apartment or house for rent:

Check your credit score – If you think you have bad credit, take some time to look at the facts. Find out what your credit score really is. It’s good to know when you are making plans. You can also look into ways to improve your score.

Have a recommendation from a prior landlord – Bring the recommendation with you when you talk to a potential new landlord. Ideally, the recommendation will show that you are a trustworthy and responsible tenant who can pay an Ohio rent.

Additional recommendations are also helpful – You can also provide additional reference letters or contacts for references. Your landlord is trusting that you will pay your rent and take care of the rental unit. You want them to know that you will be dependable.

Show that you can afford to pay your rent each month

ohio rent in athens oShow your income – If you show that you have enough money to pay your rent, it may help you. Paycheck stubs may be helpful here.

Live with roommates – Living in an apartment for rent or house for rent with additional people will help your chances. Ideally, the roommates will have good credit scores and will make the landlord feel you can be trusted.

Be honest – If your credit score history up, just explain what happened. You can also explain what you are doing to improve your credit score. Try to show the landlord that you will be a trustworthy tenant.

Pay a larger security deposit if needed – Landlords take a financial risk every time they rent to a new tenant. If you offer to pay a larger deposit, it can help to reduce the risk for the landlord.

Pay in advance – You may also want to consider paying some of your rent in advance. This will also reduce the financial risk for your landlord. It may help you as you look at different apartments for rent in Athens Ohio.

Find someone to co-sign your lease – Your co-signer would also be financially responsible, so be careful about this. You need to talk openly with someone who might co-sign. This is often a family member.

If you have bad credit, be open to talking to your landlord about the situation. You may need to find out what will help them feel comfortable renting to you.

For more information on credit and credit scores, check out this helpful page from USA.gov.

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