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How can I make College Less Expensive?

College is expensive, but there are several ways you can save money while earning your degree. Here are some tips on how to reduce your costs while attending Ohio University. These tips also fit for attending most colleges.

Apply for financial aid: This is very basic, but too many students don’t apply for grants, scholarships or loans. Ohio University and other colleges make it fairly easy to apply for everything at once. It does take some paperwork and time, but it is more than worth it.

Apply for additional scholarships: You may have scholarships in your community. You may have scholarships from your part-time job. Many civic organizations want to give scholarships to deserving students like you. Take the time to fill out a few applications and see if you can receive some scholarships.

Get a job at the university: If you work fulltime at Ohio University, you may receive a tuition waiver. If a family member works at Ohio University, you can also receive the fee waiver. Many people in Athens work at Ohio University partially for the tuition fee waiver. This is true for many other colleges and universities around the country, but not for all of them. It is a tremendous benefit for Athens area residents.

Living off campus will save you money

Live off campus as soon as you can: At Ohio University, you pretty much have to live on campus the first two years, unless you live at home. If you are in a sorority or fraternity, you can get around this in the second year. If you are from the area and want to live at home the first two years, you can. You will, though, have to fill out an exemption form for the university. Living at home will save you money, as will living in an Athens Ohio apartment or house for rent. Living off campus is generally much less expensive. You save money on rent. You save money on food. You save money in many different ways by living in an apartment for rent in Athens Ohio.

Work on or off campus: While we know you are busy as a student, you may be able to find a few hours to work. Ohio University has a large number of jobs for students. You can search their jobs on their human resources website. You can also find a wide range of jobs all across the city. Many students work in bars, restaurants, grocery stores, offices and in countless other positions.

Cook at home: Eating in your apartment in Athens Ohio instead of eating out is a smart way to save money. You can also save a few dollars by shopping smartly at the grocery store.

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