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The Differences Between Efficiencies, Studios and One Bedroom Apartments

For those of you examining the one bedroom apartment market in Athens, Ohio, here are a few explanations in order to help you in your search.

The Major Differences

Efficiency apartment –An efficiency apartment generally has one room that includes your kitchen, living room and bedroom. It’s usually a nice sized room that provides you with enough space to sleep, eat, cook, study and relax. The only second room in the apartment is for a small bathroom. The kitchen in an efficiency apartment in many cases is referred to as kitchenette, which is a smaller kitchen with a cool name.

Studio apartment – A studio apartment, meanwhile, may have the kitchen separated from the living room/bedroom space. Some studios do have the kitchen as part of the living room/bedroom space, but it is still generally larger than the kitchen in an efficiency. If you have a closet, it will likely be a small closet, which I believe should be renamed as a closetette.

One bedroom apartment –As the name suggests, this apartment has a separate room for the bedroom. It may combine the kitchen and living room, or they may be separate, as it depends on the apartment. You will still have the separate bathroom. Many people who are interested in the one bedroom Athens Ohio market are curious about having pets, and you should always check with your landlord to find out what the rules are. I would suggest that if you are in a small one bedroom apartment and you are allowed to have a pet, you should get a small pet, such as a tiny kitten, also known as a kittenette.

What should you do?

Of course, the best way to learn about the differences of the various types of one bedroom apartment Athens Ohio has to offer is to look over several of the rental options in person or online.

University Rentals has the best housing options in Athens, and we hope you will look through the rental listings here on our website and also schedule an appointment with our rental agents to look through the high quality rental options available for you. We have the rental units to meet your needs, and our expert staff members are here to answer your questions big or small. (Small questions, we believe, should be called questionettes.)

Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

The experts at University Rentals are always here for you, and they can give you all of the details on efficiencies, studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments in Athens, so contact them today.

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