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History of Fest Season (Part 2)

In the 1990s, Springfest was over, and new Fest season was about to begin. In the spring of 1990, a small street party was held by residents of the Palmer Street houses for rent.  In the spring of 1991, that party grew much larger. This reporter can attest to that, as he was there. Believe me, it grew much larger than the organizers expected. We had quite a time trying to get the band off of the stage.

At that time, the houses on Palmer Street were connected by a large backyard. The party was mainly in the backyards, where a band performed and alcohol was distributed. Palmerfest was suddenly a major event and before long the street fests spread all across the city.

Houses for rent on High Street created Highfest. The Mill Street rentals created Milfest. Similar parties began being held near the apartments for rent on Milliron Street. Soon, Fests were being held in the streets housing Athens rentals all across the city.

The beginning of Number Fest

In 2004, a new fest started outside the city when Number Fest was born. This annual event brought live performances to rural locations where large crowds of students could gather.

The first Number Fest was held at a location off of Stagecoach Road. And over the years, it moved closer to the city. Also as time went by, the performers at Number Fest grew bigger, too.

Major hip-hop and electronic acts took the stage at Number Fest, often just before they became nationally known. This included acts such as Mike Posner, Kendrick Lamar, Diplo, Wiz Khalifa, Machine Gun Kelly, and Schoolboy Q.

Students took shuttles or walked from their Athens Ohio housing to the Number Fest each year. These events were known for their music, mud and mayhem.

The parties grew larger and larger, but ran into problems with disputes with city officials and residents. The last Number Fest was held in 2019.
The festivals held by the houses on Mill Street and the student rentals around the city will still go on. They will likely be as large as ever, and will attract partiers from cities around Ohio. But what will replace Number Fest? And how will the Athens Ohio Fests continue to evolve? Only time will tell. Enjoy Fest Season this year and be safe. And if you are looking for the best apartments for rent in Athens Ohio, contact University Rentals today.

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